The Fault in Our Stars: John Green




         The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful and well known written book by author John Green. Its about 17 year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer in her lungs, who is forced by her mother to join a support group. There she meets other kids who are going through different medical problems. But one boy stands out to Hazel Grace and that boy’s name is Augustus Waters. Like Hazel he suffers from cancer himself. Hazel and Augustus become closer, bonding over literature, and they fight their cancer together. Each of them help their friends out and are always there to support one another. Whether it be going to the hospital or taking a trip that might be the last big they do. 

      Once you start reading this book, you’ll fall in love with the humor and heartbreaking relationship that Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters both share. Through the story, your constantly pulled into, you feel like you’re apart of the friendship that they share.  You will feel like you’re there experiencing everything with them. This book is really easy to sit through and will not bore you at all. I really enjoyed this book, and I know others will too.  I think John Green, wrote a great young-adult book and I would definitely recommended this book to others.

                – Mackenzie Slagle



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