The Son of Neptune: Rick Riordan

I had no idea where to begin with my choice book, so I decided to look on your 100 books to read before college, and a couple books from one series caught my eye, again.

The Rick Riordan books were by far my favorite books when I was in middle school, and I saw that the a couple of the books from his two Greek Mythology series were on that list. It brought back so many memories just looking at it, and out of curiosity I clicked on it just remind myself what it was about.

After re-familiarizing myself with it, I remembered that I started the second series, the Heroes of Olympus but never finished it. I read the first book in the series around the week it came out. I’m pretty sure I had my mom preorder it for me, actually. I finished it within a couple days and then of course had to wait another year or so for the next book to come out. When I started thinking about it, I know that I had bought the second book, “The Son of Neptune,” As I dug it up in my closet last week. I had no idea if ever read it.

I started doing research on the series to see if I could somehow remember where I’d left off in the series after I flipped through the book. What I found through my research was that the memories were there but they felt like they were covered with cobwebs. I could remember certain chapters and parts from the first two books clear as day, but other important parts of the put I had no recollection of. It was really frustrating, but I decided to just jump back in the end of the first book, because I knew I remembered that one, and then read the second. For a day right after I got back from Bakersfield I just devoured the second book, The Son of Neptune just like tore threw the other books Riordan wrote when I was 12, 13 years old. 

So, in the The Son of Neptune, the main character from the previous series of Riordan books, Percy Jackson, is found wandering around in Southern California without any of his memories. He’s in the same position that Jason Grace, the Roman, was in a couple of months ago. It’s no coincidence that the two powerful demigods from the Greek and Roman camps respectively are having similar experiences. When Percy gets to Camp Jupiter, the Roman camp, he makes friends with the guards of the camp; Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque. Frank and Hazel are outsiders at Camp Jupiter, so they can relate to Percy’s position and help him adjust to the new life in the camp without his memories. The three of them then receive a direct prophecy from Mars, the Roman god of war to go on a quest to rescue Death from the giant Alcyoneus somewhere hidden in Alaska. During the trip, the friends learn that the evil goddess Gaea is awakening from several thousands of years of dormancy with the goal to destroy the gods and the human world.

  • Stevie Gould

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