The Mark of Athena: Rick Riordan

For my choice book I decided to jump back into Rick Riordan’s series of the Heroes of Olympus. After rereading the second book in the series, The Son of Neptune, I got the third, The Mark of Athena, last week and started reading that. For whatever reason, it didn’t quite have the same engrossing impact on me.

I thought the book was good, it has a similar plot and theme as the other books in the series, the characters are still good, but I never got that “one more chapter” feeling. I never felt like I didn’t want to put the book down. I wanted to go to sleep more than I wanted to keep reading more often than not.

There are probably a few factors contributing to this, as when I used to read these books I was younger, I had less responsibilities, less homework and studying to do, and my life didn’t revolve around my practice schedule. Usually when I really get into a book, I read it for long periods of time at once. Last week, I had to fit the reading in between other assignments, sleep, and practice, so I did about 30 minutes of reading a night for 5 nights.

As far as the book goes, the start was slow as it took three chapters to gain my bearing on where the plot was going. I usually like to have an idea of what is to come, so I can make my own little predictions. I really don’t like reading when I’m out of sorts with the story. The setting is about half a year after the end of the second book, and the main characters Leo Valdez, Jason Grace, and Percy Jackson are united at the Roman camp. From there they need to plan a mission to Greece to stop Gaea the evil Earth god from rising and taking over the world. To further complicate things, Leo Valdez is possessed by Gaea and sets fire to the Roman camp. This then pits the Romans against the Greeks as well. The chosen seven demigods are traveling to Greece in a race against time as they have stop the giants from waking, shut the doors of death to the underworld, and also before the Greeks and Romans destroy each other. The chosen group is traveling throughout the United States, fighting off Greek mythological monsters in landmarks like the Georgia Aquarium, Fort Sumter, and on the Atlantic Ocean. The group’s journey is constantly being interrupted by famous figures from Greek and Roman mythology like Chrysaor, and Hercules. Eventually they reach the final challenge who is Arachne, the last guardian of the Athena Parthenos. The Athena Parthenos is what the chosen group has traveled all the way to Rome for. Annabeth defeats Arachne, but she and Percy are dragged into the underworld and now need to find a way to escape death; setting up the next book in the series.

Stevie Gould


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