Me and Earl and the Dying Girl



I highly suggest this book written by, Jesse Andrews. I really enjoyed this book because it was extremely humorous yet so real and life-like at the same time. If you do not like stories with cancer then this may not be the book for you. It’s not all focused on cancer but one of the characters in the book does have cancer.  It’s unfortunate that kids and people get cancer but not all cancer stories need to be heavily depressing. This was a story where a guy named Greg gets back in touch with a girl from hebrew school that he knew when he was a little kid. He is forced to hang out with her because she has cancer and the mom wants the girl to have some friends. The girls name is Rachael.  Greg finds it difficult and very awkward at first but the more they hang out together the more of a bond they develop.  The main character, Greg, is really humorous in his way of thinking.  He is blunt and does not have too much of a filter on his thoughts or his mouth.  The book is a heartwarming story and written uniquely and funny.

-Alex Toy


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