The Old Man and the Sea (Lorenzo Angeles)


The Old Man and the Sea was a beautifully and descriptively written story, a fantastic metaphor for the struggles of a writer, and the harshneess for critics. Published by Ernest Hemingway in 1952.

The Old Man and the Sea tells the tale of an elderly fisherman named Santiago. Santiago has gone almost two months without catching a fish, but luckily Santiago has Manolin, his young attendant. Manolin encourages Santiago to go back into the ocean, and catch fish, as well as provide Santiago with food.

The old man eventually goes off into the sea alone, where he encounters a powerful marlin. For a long section of this book, Hemingway describes the battle between Santiago and the fish. The description is often very gruesome. Hemingway is trying to describe how difficult it is to appeal to critics. Santiago tries very hard to reel the fish in, as Hemingway tries very hard to write good books.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this short book. The imagery was vivid, and the metaphors were very thought-provoking.



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